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Inner Mongolia announces the first batch of 19 autonomous region level intangible cultural heritage tourism experience bases

Date: 2023-03-29

Recently, according to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Department of Culture and Tourism, 19 tourist attractions above 3A level in Inner Mongolia were selected as the first batch of autonomous region level intangible cultural heritage tourism experience bases.

These 19 intangible cultural heritage tourism experience bases are Yellow River Maiyegu Ecological Leisure Tourism, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Exhibition Hall, Moni Mountain Intangible Cultural Heritage Town, Chilechuan Museum, Yellow River Ballad Cultural Park Tourism Area, Aolu Ancient Emissary Deer Tribe Scenic Area, Tuoba Xianbei Historical and Cultural Park Scenic Area, Tushiyetu Prince Mansion Scenic Area, Xiaozhuang Cultural Tourism Area, Chifeng Museum, Mongolian Khan City Tourism Area, Huiteng Xile Huanghuagou Scenic Area Longshengzhuang Ancient Town Cultural Tourist Attraction, Kangbashi Tourist Attraction, Wushen Zouma Tourist Resort, Wuliang Suhai Ecological Tourist Attraction, Tuhai Mountain Cultural Tourist Attraction, Populus euphratica Forest Tourist Attraction, Dingyuanying Ancient Town Tourist Attraction.

The first batch of selected intangible cultural heritage tourism experience bases at the autonomous region level can provide tourists with experience projects that mainly cover intangible cultural heritage performing arts, traditional crafts, festivals and folk customs, sports and entertainment and other categories, involving Mongolian long tune folk songs, horse head qin music, Nadam, Bok, beef and mutton cooking skills (Roasted whole lamb), dairy production skills (Chaganyide), Ordos wedding, harness production skills and other experiential There are nearly 100 representative national and autonomous regional intangible cultural heritage projects with strong interaction, increasing tourists' awareness and experience of intangible cultural heritage techniques in Inner Mongolia, and enriching their cultural experience.